At vertical movement joints, the use of plastic Debonding Sleeves on plain ended wall ties play a dual role. Masonry is allowed to expand or contract, while at the same time the tie restrains the masonry against lateral wind loads.

Wincro WDS Debonding Sleeves are used with suitable ties (as featured below) at joints in masonry where there can be horizontal movement. Wincro recommends that debonding sleeves are installed with a 10mm gap at the end to allow for expansion.

All structures are subject to movement after construction because of influences ranging from temperature to ground movement and differential settlement. It is essential, therefore, that provision for movement is made at the design stage and this takes into account the overall stability of the structure.

Wincro movement ties can also be used with our range of channels, both cast-in and surface fixed. For more information on cast in channels, click here.