Supplied with pre-drilled holes, WC36 Channel can be fixed to timber, steelwork, masonry or concrete frames. The slim profile provides the added benefit of fitting within a standard 10mm thick mortar or movement joint.

WC36 can also be welded to the underside of Masonry Support systems to accommodate soffit brickwork details via the use of special hanger ties.

Plain Back Channels can be surface-fixed to concrete and to steelwork and, in certain situations to masonry (normally as a wall starter for use with ties).

WC36 Surface Fixed Channel
WC28 Surface Fixed Channels

Wincro WC28P Plain Back Channel can be supplied with holes or slots for fixing back to concrete or steelwork with appropriate fixings. Fixings should utilise a plate washer when fixing back to the frame.

The full range of Wincro WTS and WTP Channel Ties can be supplied for use with these channel systems. They are available from 75mm projection and can be supplied with the WDS Plastic Debonding Sleeve for use in vertical movement joints.

For more information on suitable tie restraints, see our Channel Tie page.

WC27 25/14 Channel to SFS Studwork

Wincro’s WC27 SFS Channel system has been developed to fix back to steel studwork using the Wincro WBSDDZP screws to prevent any crushing of the insulation batts.

For further details on this particular system please see our Ties and Restraints Section.