Minimum Edge Distances

Dimensions from the centre of the channel to the edges of the concrete should not be less than the minimum edge distance stated in the relevant product tables.

Fixing Timber Shuttering

Wincro Cast-In Channels are generally supplied in 3m lengths with welded wavy tail anchors, nail holes and polystyrene infill.  To prevent the channel from pulling away from the shuttering and to avoid the ingress of concrete, Wincro recommends that all nail holes be used.  To assist with the removal of the shuttering and to ensure the stability of the channel, Wincro recommends that all nails have a plain shaft and are installed at right angles to the channel.

Installation for Steel Shuttering

Wincro standard T-head Bolts can be used when fixing to steel shuttering through pre-drilled holes.


Wincro recommends that if channels with wavy tail anchors are required to be cut on site, there must be a complete anchor retained inside 50mm from the end of the channel. A factory welded corner unit should be used on all external corners where horizontal Cast-In Channel is used with Wincro Masonry Support systems.

Taking away Shuttering

Care should be taken to ensure, when the concrete is poured, that it is completely compressed around the rear of the channel, particularly adjoining the wavy tail anchors. When the concrete has cured and the shuttering is removed, the nails can either be cut or turned away from obstructing any tie or T-head bolt.