We have developed an extensive range of strong, lightweight stainless steel windposts to provide lateral support for panels of masonry cladding.

They provide a cost-effective alternative to traditional techniques, such as increasing wall thicknesses or introducing extra columns.

Our windposts span vertically between floors and are available with a wide range of head and base fixings to suit a variety of applications including connections to structural steel, concrete frame or precast floor planks.

All Wincro Windposts are manufactured from high quality 1.4301 (304) stainless steel.

The Wincro range of Windposts comprises of three standard design types.

Types of Windposts

WPA Windposts are designed specifically to deal with high wind loads and reduced cavity applications.

WPC Windposts are designed to fit within the cavity, normally 75mm and above and used where wind load conditions are moderate.

WPS Windposts are designed as ‘Spine’ Posts and usually fit within internal blockwork walls.

All products can be specified for fixing to concrete, timber or structural steelwork.

All Windposts are tied to the masonry using one-piece, one-way or two-way ties depending on design.  These allow vertical movement of the structure without internal cracking.  In situations where you need to incorporate a vertical movement joint, we recommend the use of plain-ended two-way ties with debonding sleeves.

Special Windpost Designs

We also manufacture Parapet and Spandrel Windposts. Designed for use as ‘cantilevers’, these windposts usually measure no more than 1.4 metres in height and include a large base connection to resist the imposed bending moment.

Spandrel Posts include spandrel rails and connections, designed to suit specific circumstances.

Special designs can also be accommodated.