Wincro Parapet Posts are designed for use as ‘Cantilevers’ and do not usually exceed 1.4 metres in height.

Types of Parapet Post

Our Parapet Posts are available in both angle (WPA/P) and channel (WPC/P) styles.

WPA/P Angle Parapet Posts are built into the inner leaf and ties to both leaves using one-way and two-way ties.

WPC/P Channel Parapet Posts fit within the cavity and tie to both leaves using one-way ties.

They are available in a variety of section sizes, thicknesses and sizes to suit structural loading requirements.

A selection of our safe working load tables is available online and our Technical Design team will be happy to provide solutions to suit your exact situation.


In order to resist the ‘bending moment’, a large base connection is needed and this may often be impractical to incorporate within the floor or roof construction. Our Technical Design team will be pleased to calculate the ‘bending moment’ for you and advise you on the size of base plate required.

Click here to download our Parapet Design Sheet

Parapet Posts can be designed to fix to all types of structure and our Technical Design team will design specific connections to the frame according to the demands of the site, type of parapet post, structure, fixing type and loading requirements.

All Parapet Posts are supplied complete with vertically adjustable ties to suit coursing levels and necessary fixing bolts.

Stainless Steel

All Wincro Windposts are manufactured from high quality grade 1.4301 (304) stainless steel to ensure durability and long life. Our windposts can also be manufactured from grade 1.4401(316) stainless steel for corrosive environments and galvanised mild steel for internal use.

Design Service

Occasionally, exacting information for Windposts is not specified and our Technical Design team is available to assist with the correct selection and specification following receipt of some basic information or drawings. Our Windpost Design Sheet (available to download here) will assist with this process, together with the wind loading information for the building.

Design drawings can be provided and our assistance ranges from simple guidance to a fully computerised design service with advice on the appropriate use of windposts or special designs. For more information or to discuss your current project, please contact our Technical Design team on 0114 242 2171.

Production Expertise

Wincro products are designed and manufactured to exacting standards with industry leading lead times. They comply with, and in many cases exceed, all relevant standards and codes of practice. Years of experience allied to modern developments have led to Wincro manufacturing its products using some of the most advanced machinery in the industry.