Wincro WSCFA Cold Formed Angle Support systems are generally used where there is a reduced cavity situation or a need for the cavity to be closed at the support location.

Comprising a traditional Support Angle, WSCFA systems are capable of supporting masonry over 9m in height and can be designed to fix to all types of structure.

WSCFA Angles are normally supplied in lengths up to 3 metres and can be supplied with either serrated vertical slots or welded serrated patches to provide vertical adjustment to aid on-site installation.

Systems can also be supplied inverted to accommodate situations where the coursing level/horizontal movement joint is above the fixing position or with hanger systems to suit soldier course details. Angles can also be supplied curved on plan to suit radiused masonry.

Specification Details/Ordering

The following is an example of a WSCFA Formed Angle Support specification. All are designed to suit the masonry height to be supported, the cavity width and structural fixing position.

WSCFA cavity/masonry height/fixing type/other Example: WSCFA35 / 4.8 / S

Wincro WSCFA Formed Angle system in grade 1.4301 (304) stainless steel. System designed to suit 35mm cavity and 4.8m high 100/102 thick masonry. Fixed to steelwork with Wincro WBXS Xylan-coated Setscrews and Isolators.

Typical Details

Wincro WSCFA Supports can be designed to fix to all types of structure and our Technical Design Team will design specific connections to the frame according to the demands of the site, type of support, structure, fixing type and loading requirements. Example of configurations are shown below.

WSCFA to Concrete

Wincro WSCFA can be fixed to concrete structures using T-head bolts into cast-in channels, site drilled expansion bolts or with the use of resin anchor products.

Angles are supplied with either serrated vertical slots, or welded serrated patches to allow for vertical adjustment.

Example Specification: WSCFA__1/__2/E (where 1=cavity and 2=masonry height)

WSCFA to Steelwork

Wincro WSCFA is normally fixed to steel structures using Xylan-coated Setscrews or Wincro RHS Blind Bolts with Isolation.

To avoid the effects of bi-metallic corrosion, it is important that Isolation Patches and Neoprene Washers are used.

Again, Angles can be supplied with either serrated vertical slots, or welded serrated patches to allow for vertical adjustment.

Example Specification: WSCFA__1/__2/S (where 1=cavity and 2=masonry height)

Toothed Channels

Wincro WSCFA can be fixed to a WC41 Toothed Channel which has been cast vertically into the edge of a slab.

Angles are supplied with horizontally slotted holes to suit on-site adjustment, whilst vertical adjustment is achieved within the vertically installed toothed channels.

Example Specification: WSCFA__1/__2/T41 (where 1=cavity and 2=masonry height)

Special Gusseted Angles

Special masonry features, for example brickwork piers, require specific design solutions.

Many of these are answered by the use of Wincro WSCFAG Support systems which can be fabricated to suit special corner details or castellated brickwork.

WSCFAG is also used for high load situations and wide cavities.

Example Specification: WSCFAG__1/__2/T (where 1=cavity and 2=masonry height)