Wincro Windposts span vertically between floors to provide lateral support for panels of masonry and are normally fixed as ‘simply supported beams’.

They provide increased stability for larger areas of cladding, masonry panels with two or more window openings and for structures subjected to high wind loads.


Wincro Windposts are available in a number of styles, thicknesses and sizes to suit structural loading requirements.  A selection of our safe working load tables is available online and our Technical Design team will be happy to provide solutions to suit your exact situation.

Connections to the frame are designed to allow for vertical adjustment of the structure and site tolerances during installation via a loose top cleat. All are supplied complete with vertically adjustable ties to suit coursing levels and necessary fixing bolts.

Propped Cantilever Design

Deflection under wind load will often restrict the maximum loading. Deflection can be reduced considerably by using the windposts as a ‘propped cantilever’ with a heavy-duty base connection. While this method must be used for parapet/spandrel windposts, the larger base connection can be difficult to accommodate. Our Technical Design team will be happy to advise you on the appropriate base plate connection to suit your exacting circumstances.

Specification Details / Ordering

Please use our Windpost NBS Specification data sheet download or adapt the following clause to help with specifying Windposts and Parapet Posts.

Wincro WP4A12570 Windpost 125 x 70 x 4 mm in grade 1.4301 (304) stainless steel, 2850mm overall height, complete with all ties and end connections. Fixed with Wincro WBEB Expansion Bolts.

Wincro Windpost Specification Guide: Code = WP ~1 ~2 / ~3 / ~4 / ~5


Windpost Type: Special requirements: Example: WP5A/130/70
WP = Wincro Windpost A=WPA angle type F = Propped Cantilever WP = Wincro Windpost
~1 = Thickness (mm) 5 = Thickness in mm
~2 = Windpost Type C=WPC channel type P = Parapet A = Angle type windpost (WPA)
~3 = Perpendicular leg (mm) 130 = Perpendicular leg dim (mm)
~4 = Parallel leg (mm) S=WPS spine type S = Spandrel Post 70 = Parallel leg dim (mm)
~5 = Special requirements
BB = Double post

Wincro Windposts are designed and manufactured to suit each individual project and we recommend the use of our Windpost Design Sheet to collate all necessary information. Complete and fax back to our Technical Design team on 0114 244 4073.