This section illustrates some of the head, base and side fixing methods used to secure Wincro Windposts to concrete, steel or timber.

Windposts can be designed to fix to all types of structure and our Technical Design team will design specific connections to the frame according to the demands of the site, type of windpost, structure, fixing type and loading requirements.

The following applications can be used for Simply Supported, Propped Cantilever, Parapet and Spandrel Windposts.

Consideration should be given to the fixing type and its position for all types of Windposts, especially when fixed to concrete frame structures. Typically, WBEB Expansion Bolts should be 100mm minimum from the edge and 150mm apart. Closer edge distances can be achieved using cast-in channels.

Our Technical Design team can work with you to develop bespoke solutions for all given applications.