We have developed an extensive range of high integrity stainless steel Masonry Support systems, all designed to support the external leaf of masonry for all types of structure.

Our products should be used wherever horizontal movement joints are incorporated at floor levels to allow for differential movement in the masonry cladding of framed structures.

Frame type, type of cladding, masonry load and cavity width all need to be considered when designing the most appropriate solution.


The Wincro Masonry Support range covers various applications including fixing to concrete, steel beam and steel RHS framed structures. Our systems are usually based on the use of a continuous thin angle support and cavity spanning brackets.

Wincro Ultima is a standard, off the shelf masonry support system that is supplied in kit form and offers greater flexibility on site compared to traditional welded support.

Wincro WSC systems use a continuous thin angle support and welded brackets, designed to suit the exact cavity width and construction detail for the project.

Our WSP Individual brackets provide greater design options for supporting brickwork or stonework, particularly with curved on plan masonry or special corbelled brickwork.

For reduced cavity situations, our WSCFA Angle support system should be used, or where there is a desire to fully close the cavity at the support location.

For special masonry features, Wincro can design specific support solutions to suit your exact needs.