Wincro supplies a wide range of fixings for securing our Masonry Support systems.

Solutions are available for a wide range of applications including fixing to concrete, steel beam and steel RHS framed structures.

Fixing to Concrete:
  • Wincro WBT T-head Bolt to continuous cast-in channel, or
  • Wincro WBEB Expansion Bolts, or
  • Wincro WBRC Resin Anchor System
Fixing to Steelwork:
  • Wincro WBXS Isolated Set Screw & Isolation to steel plates/gussets within the steelwork beam (UB/UC)
  • To Hollow sections using: Wincro WBBB Blind Bolt Fixing & Isolation (to RHS / SHS sections)

All Wincro Masonry Support systems allows for vertical adjustment. All systems feature a serrated slot or welded patch as standard to provide up to +/- 26mm of vertical adjustment.

Specifying cast in channels in concrete or horizontally slotted holes in steel gussets provide horizontal adjustment to aid site fixing.

Lateral adjustment is provided by the use of stainless steel packing shims between the system and structure.


Wincro Masonry Support systems are designed to fix to all types of structure and our Technical Design Team will design specific connections to the frame according to the demands of the site, type of support, structure, fixing type and loading requirements.

Further information

Refer to our Fixings & Fastener pages for more information or contact Wincro Technical team on 0114 242 2171.