Wincro Head Restraints provide the necessary restraint to the top of masonry walls. They allow for vertical movement to accommodate shrinkage or thermal movement of the wall or structural frame, while restraining wind loads.

WT75HR Internal Head Restraint

The Wincro WT75HR Internal Blockwork Head Restraint is designed to span a standard 215mm deep block, but can be adjusted for block depths between 190mm and 275mm.

It is made from high quality grade 1.4301 (304) stainless steel and provides both a fast and economic alternative to traditional restraint methods such as bolted angles and can eliminate costly fire protection.

It is designed to be built into the perpend joint at the head of non-loadbearing, internal blockwork walls, incorporating soffit movement and providing resistance to lateral loads up to 1.5kN.

Fixing to Concrete

Normally used at 900mm centres, WT75HR should be fixed using a WBEB M8 Expanding Bolt.

It is also available with an integral channel fixing head to suit Wincro WC28 (specify WT75HRC28) or WC38 cast in channel (specify WT75HRC38).

Fixing to Steelwork

When fixing to structural steelwork, WT75HR should be fixed by the use of a Xylan coated M8 Setscrew with Isolation Patch (WBXS+WIP).

It can also be fixed to rolled hollow sections using Wincro RHS Blind Bolts (WBBB). When fixing to structural steelwork, the use of a Neoprene Isolation Patch to separate the dissimilar metals is highly recommended.

WT75BHR Blockwork Head Restraint

The Wincro WT75BHR is a Universal Head Restraint and is designed to withstand a 1kN safe working load.

Positioning/spacings of the WT75BHR are normally at 600-900mm centres although this detail is normally recommended by the Structural Engineer.

WT75BHR can also be fixed to concrete using WBEB expansion bolts, or to structural steelwork using the same methods as per the WT75HR above.