Top Fixed Supports

Hollow core slabs are commonly used in retail, industrial and commercial buildings as well as in housing, educational and government projects.

Wincro has considerable experience in designing Masonry Support systems to these types of projects and can offer systems to suit all types of detail, load and cavity.

All systems are carefully designed by our Technical Design Team to suit the specific application and our optimisation design package ensures the most cost-effective system is designed quickly and safely.

Usually systems are fixed using resin anchor products and mesh sleeves, although cast in channels and T-head bolts can also be incorporated into factory manufactured slabs where specified.

WSC Bracket System

Combined with a top fixing cleat, the Wincro WSC Bracket System is a simple and safe method of fixing to PCU planks.

Cleats are fixed down to the top of the slab using resin anchors and mesh sleeves into the voids in the slab. A horizontal fixing slot is provided within the fixing cleat and the Bracketed Support system incorporates a vertical serrated slot to provide +/- 26mm of vertical adjustment.

Side fixed systems can also be manufactured. However, these are not normally the preferred option as the slabs will require a factory cast vertical edge, or additional site work to provide such to enable fixing.

Detailed general arrangement (layout) drawings are provided with our Masonry Support designs, fully referencing systems, fixings and installation details prior to manufacture.


Standard arrangement using resin and top fixing cleats onto top of slab.


Standard arrangement using resin fixing to edge of slab (NB. vertical edge required).


Standard WSCFA arrangement using resin and top fixing cleats onto top of slab.

WSCFA Cold Formed Angle Support systems

Wincro WSCFA Cold Formed Angle Support systems can also utilise the top fixing detail and are used where there is a reduced cavity situation (<40mm) or a need for the cavity to be closed at the support location.

WSCFA Angles are normally supplied in lengths up to 3 metres and are supplied with either serrated vertical slots or welded serrated patches to provide vertical adjustment. Horizontal adjustment is provided within the top fixing cleats. For more information, please contact our Technical Design Team.