Expert Advice

Our technical department has an in-depth specialist knowledge in the construction industry, and is able to design solutions to meet your specific requirements.

Assistance can range from simple guidance or advice on standard product selection to a fully computerised design service and detailed consultations on incorporating special designs.

Everything is covered by our comprehensive indemnities and insurance warranties, so you have complete confidence in all our products and designs.

Detailed Design Proposals

Wincro’s Technical Design team is always on hand to provide value-engineered solutions, and our experienced staff will advise on the most cost effective design for any given situation.

We are available to work with the clients design team to develop detailed design proposals, supported by design calculations, specification clauses and comprehensive working details or drawings as required.

Our technical design staff are also available to provide assistance at any stage of the design process and are available to attend office or site meetings as required.

Layout Drawings

Wincro has a commitment to offering the highest standard of technical design together with continuous investment and development in both staff and computer design systems.

Detailed general arrangement (layout) drawings are provided with our masonry support designs, referencing systems, fixings and installation details

All our scheduling/designs are produced using AutoCAD compatibility. The department’s powerful IT systems allow design concepts to be explored more thoroughly in less time and can instantly revise designs just by changing a model’s dimensions. Drawings are instantly issued through the medium of Email, FTP or Cloud based internet services.

Contract Co-ordination

As part of our design process, Wincro’s contract team will coordinate the design, manufacture and delivery of the projects masonry support systems to suit the site programme. Our staff liaise with the site team on a regular basis throughout the contract to ensure all deliveries, schedules and deadlines are being met to the site’s satisfaction. Full technical assistance and supporting information is provided as necessary.


We offer a comprehensive specification design service to Architects, Structural Engineers, Developers, Main Contractors and Brickwork Sub-Contractors.

Our experienced Technical Design team will be pleased to assist with any requirements for restraining or supporting masonry and stonework, and provide solutions in agreeable formats to suit the design brief.


Wincro is able to re-specify its products in lieu of other manufacturers’ products. Full technical assistance and supporting information is provided as necessary.