Designed for use with SFS Steel Channel Studwork, the Wincro WC27 Masonry Restraint system is designed to tie brickwork back to steel studwork inner leafs (SFS).

The three-part system comprises of vertically fixed stainless steel channels (WC27 25/14 profile) secured with WBSDDZP Fixing Screws and uses WTS2C27 Safe Ties to restrain the masonry.

The system can accommodate various thickness rigid insulation batts.


WC27 channels are supplied with pre-punched holes at 112.5mm centres and should be fixed back to the steel studs at 450mm vertical centres. Specially developed WBSDDZP Dual Thread Self-Drilling/Self-Tapping Screws are supplied to suit the insulation thickness and fix the channels back without deforming the insulation. The Wincro Driver Socket (WBTLWD) is available to aid this process.


WTS2C27 Wall Ties are inserted at any point along the channel’s length and are built into the bed joints of the outer leaf as work proceeds. Ties are available from 100mm projection and upwards in increments of 25mm. Ties should always be bed on new mortar and achieve a minimum 50mm embedment in masonry.

Safe Ended Wall Tie

Projections (mm): 100, 125, 150, 175, 200, 225

Specials available to order.


Dual Thread Self-Drilling/Self-Tapping Screw to suit insulation thicknesses from 25mm


Wincro Driver Socket

Our Technical Design Team can advise on spacing and length of dependent on cavity width and positioning of channel.