Used with metal deck shuttering on steel framed structures, Wincro Quickdeck is a composite metal edge trim with integral fixing channel for Masonry Support use.

Metal Deck Flooring

Wincro Quickdeck is manufactured in galvanised mild steel with a stainless steel WC38 channel insert which accepts the Wincro WBT38 T Head bolt. A complete stainless steel version is also available (WSQD/S).

Normally, the stainless steel channel is welded 55mm down from the top edge of the deck.

Capacity of the support system is usually limited by the depth of the floor slab and construction detail.

Normally and depending on cavity width, a 130mm thick slab will limit the height of single skin brickwork to 4 metres high (+/- 8kN/m load).

Thicker slabs constructions will allow higher loads.

Please consult our Technical Design Team for further information.

Specification Details/Ordering

The following is an example of a WSQD Quickdeck Edge trim specification.

WSQD / slab depth / material

Example: WSQD/130/G

Wincro WSQD Quickdeck Edge trim in galvanised mild steel with integral WC38 stainless steel channel. System to suit 130mm deep slab and compatible with Wincro WBT38 T Head Bolts.

Material Code: G = Galvanised Mild Steel / S = Stainless Steel 1.4301 (304).

Wincro Masonry Support systems can then be specified to suit. Click here for more information.

WSC cavity/masonry height/fixing type/other

Example: WSC100 / 3.0 / T

Wincro WSC system in grade 1.4301 (304) stainless steel. System designed to suit 100mm cavity and 3m high 100/102 thick masonry. Fixed to Wincro Quickdeck with Wincro WBT T Head Bolts