Complementing our standard range of Wall Ties, Wincro can manufacture many variations to order to suit special applications or details.

Please contact our Technical Design team on 0114 242 2171 to discuss further.

The following chart can also be used to specify and order by stating a four-part reference. All product codes start WT and you should use the following formula to code your requirements;

  • Outer end reference (tail)
  • Central section reference (shank)
  • Inner end reference (head)
  • Length/projection required

Our standard range of Strip Ties is manufactured in lengths ranging from 150mm and Frame Cramps/Channel Ties from 75mm projection.

Our Sales and Technical Design teams are always available to discuss and produce variations in width and thickness, together with extra-long ties to help you achieve the right tie for all applications. Call us now on 0114 242 2171.

For appropriate situations, Ties can be supplied with WIC Plastic Insulation Retaining Clip or WDS plastic Debonding Sleeve.