Wincro has a wealth of experience in providing special Masonry Support systems to suit the most complex of details and can design and manufacture special systems to suit almost every condition.

Special Designs

Special masonry features, for example brickwork piers, require specific design solutions and can be answered using our Gusseted WSCFAG Supports. This system is also particularly useful when supporting castellated corner details or double skin masonry.

Systems can be also adapted to suit special masonry details including the support of soffit brickwork.

Soldier courses can be suspended from WSC and WSCFA systems using a tie hanger system at 225mm centres with grout in stitching rods. Special ties clip into a channel welded to the underside of the angle and stitching rods span between the ties, supporting cored or holed bricks.

Support systems can be supplied with closer plates and/or expanded metal lathing to suit the exact requirements of the project. Our Technical Design Team will be more than happy to discuss your exact requirements.

Precast Lintel Heads

Angles can also be supplied complete with slotted holes to suit the fixing of under slung precast lintels. We recommend a cast in channel be incorporated into the precast unit to aid fixing to the underside of the support angle using T-head bolts.

Curved Masonry

All systems can also be supplied to suit curved on plan masonry. Angles are usually plasma profile or laser cut to the required profile and fabricated to suit.

WSP Individual brackets are also ideally suited for supporting curved masonry.

Please contact our Technical Design Team for advice on the most appropriate system and fixing detail.