Thin Gauge Wincro SUREGRIP is the ultimate light weight safety flooring, giving maximum resistance to corrosion and virtually maintenance free use.

Manufactured from austenitic stainless steel, its performance is far superior to materials such as aluminium and resins, and is also more cost effective.


SUREGRIP Thin Gauge offers a combination of features which make it the most versatile and effective high performance flooring system currently available.

  • Light weight does not detract from payloads.
  • Interlocking tear drop pattern gives an excellent non-slip surface for pedestrian and wheeled traffic without restricting drainage.

It is suitable for use in a wide range of industries and applications, including brewing, food processing, petro-chemicals, water treatment, swimming pools, dairies, agriculture, harbours and land and sea transport – wherever hygiene, safety and corrosion resistance are important.

SUREGRIP Thin Gauge is extremely versatile as a flooring or cladding material and can be used in:

Sheet Form

The material can be resin bonded in sheet form to timber decks, formed as cab steps, flashings, wear-pads, thresholds and door sills on all types of transport.

Pre-formed sections

Steps, plank flooring units and modular decking can be installed in new structures or bonded to existing fabrications, eg. to re-cover worn stairways on ships.

Bonded Sheets

Thin Gauge can be bonded to virtually any surface, including steel, concrete, tiles and timber. Wincro will advise on the appropriate adhesive to use along with standard methods of installation such as welding, bolting and screwing for any application.

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