Large Cavities

The Wincro WT2PT is a Two Part Tie suitable for cavities greater than 150mm.

Ties long enough to span a cavity greater than 150mm would over balance when laid on the inner leaf.

The Wincro Two Part Tie is manufactured with either a 175mm or 225mm inner part (depending on cavity) and is positioned in the inner leaf. The outer part of the tie is manufactured to suit and is positioned in the outer leaf as build progresses.

This method of construction eliminates the extra hazard of long ties, significantly projecting from the inner leaf when one leaf of the cavity wall is constructed prior to the other, potentially harming site personnel.

WT2PT can also be used with the WIC Plastic Insulation Retaining Clips in partial fill cavities and ties should be installed to achieve 75mm embedment at either end.


To order WT2PT Two Part Ties, just ask for a WT2PT to suit _ _ _ mm cavity.

WT2PT is manufactured from 1.4301 (304) stainless steel and exceeds the requirements of BS5628-1 as a Type 2 tie for cavities up to 350mm.