Wincro has developed a range of Stone Fixing Ties, Dowels and Cramps to meet the ever-increasing demand for stone clad features.


Our versatile range can be bolted to structural steelwork, fixed into channels or fixed directly onto concrete using post drilled fixings. Variations can be made to order and our Technical Design team is available to help in the selection of the correct fixing for cladding applications.


The most appropriate Stone Tie will vary according to the type of cladding or features being used. The selection of both ties and restraints should take into account both natural wind loads and any artificially created loads, such as from window cleaning equipment.

BS8298:1994 ‘Design and installation of natural stone cladding’ should be consulted when making choices and our Technical Design team is always available to discuss how best to meet your requirements, either from our standard range or by the production of bespoke solutions for your particular application.


Stones should normally be restrained in four places, two at the top and two at the bottom.

Restraint should be located in pre-cut mortises or holes positioned in the centre of the thickness of the stone panel, and located at 1/4 points for half bonded stones and 1/5 points for stack bonded stones.

Restraint dowels should always achieve a minimum 20mm embedment. Our standard lipped ties (WTB2E) have a 25mm downstand and all loose dowel pin ties have 60mm long dowels.