Supplied from Stock

Wincro Ultima is a patented front-loading Masonry Support system, designed to support an outer leaf of masonry cladding.

As an off-the-shelf system, Ultima’s simplicity and versatility means that the brackets and angles can be universally applied for all applications up to a maximum load of 14kN/m (typically 7m height of brickwork) and can accommodate cavities ranging from 50 to 175mm.

Ultima Features
  • Supplied from stock
  • Easily specified from simple load/cavity charts
  • Greater adjustment compared with welded bracket systems
  • No requirement for detailed layout drawings
  • Fast and simple to install
  • Easily assembled by one person
  • Full installation instructions provided
Standard Systems

Wincro Ultima is supplied in two standard lengths;

  • Wincro Ultima (Blue system) is supplied in 0.8m lengths and can support a brickwork masonry load of up to 14kN/m.
  • Wincro Ultima 2 (Red system) is supplied in 1m lengths and can support a brickwork masonry load of up to 12kN/m.

Brackets and angles are interchangeable, can be easily moved around site and the system requires no setting out or detailed layouts.

Standard brackets are stocked to suit cavities from 50mm to 175mm in 5mm increments. Brackets, fixings and locking pins are universal and can be used with both systems. 

Suitable for concrete and steel framed structures, Wincro Ultima it is cost effective, convenient and easy to install.

Easily Specified

Ultima should be selected from the following table and reference to our load/cavity charts available here.




Load (kN/m)


Length (mm)


Length (mm)



Centres (mm)

Fixing Zone


Wincro Ultima






Wincro Ultima 2






Please use our Ultima NBS Specification data sheet download when specifying Wincro Ultima. Delete items shown in italic below as applicable.

Wincro Ultima WSU/WSU2 standard masonry support system comprising of a front-loading stainless steel angle complete with interchangeable, clip on, adjustable fixing brackets to suit varying cavity width and locking pins.

Fix back to concrete/steelwork using expansion bolts/cast-in channel/stainless steel set screws/RHS Blindbolts.

System to be installed in accordance with Wincro installation instructions.
Manufactured in Grade 1.4301 (304) Austenitic Stainless Steel.

Cavity Variations

Ultima is designed so that the interchangeable brackets allow for significant deviations in the position of the structural face. Cavity variances are easily overcome just by clipping off the ‘old’ bracket and replacing with a new larger/smaller one to suit.

The use of shims can also adjust for slight cavity deviations. Wincro Ultima has been developed to fix back to range of structures using approved Wincro fixings as below.

Fully Adjustable

Wincro Ultima provides greater on-site adjustment compared with ‘traditional’ welded systems. Brackets can be simply changed on site to suit cavity variances between the structure and brickwork.

Vertical adjustment of +/- 26mm is provided by the patented Wincro slot within the brackets. Horizontal adjustment is provided within the coloured angle ’fixing zone’ to accommodate predrilled holes in steelwork or clashes with reinforcing bar in concrete frames.


Two brackets are installed onto the structure and the angle simply rotates into position from the front. The system can then be line and levelled accordingly prior to hammering in the locking pins to secure the angle in place. Tightening the supplied fixings to the specified torque completes installation. Full installation instructions are provided with all systems.

Cutting on site

Standard Ultima angles may be cut on site to suit the particular length of run. Standard factory made left-hand and right-hand corners are also available.


Wincro Ultima can be supplied to suit a wide range of applications including fixing to concrete, steel beam and steel RHS framed structures.

Available for fixing to Concrete using:

  • Wincro WBT T-head Bolt to continuous cast-in channel, or
  • Wincro WBEB Expansion Bolts, or
  • Wincro WBRC Resin Anchor System

Fixing to Steelwork using:

  • Wincro WBXS Isolated Set Screw & Isolation to steel plates/gussets within the steelwork beam (UB/UC), or
  • Wincro WBBB RHS Blindbolt fixings with Isolators to hollow RHS / SHS sections.
Non-Standard Systems

Wincro Ultima can be designed to suit other applications or details and our Technical Design Team will be happy to discuss your exact requirements. Special systems can be designed to suit support levels below the soffit of the structure, higher loads or to suit other structural details. Contact Wincro Technical Services for more information.