We have recently assisted in the development of the Strand East R1 site, part of the Sugar House Island project in Stratford. The objective of this project is to evolve the water-bound district in east London over the next 5 years to create a mixed-use neighbourhood – A place where local professionals, workers on site and residents are beginning to a adopt a real sense of diversity and are to continue creating positive vibes to establish the true character of the community.

The Strand East R1 consists of 149 apartments, 12 mews houses, and retail and office accommodation with a basement car park. To achieve this build we used a combination of our LBS Brick Slip Lintels and our easy to install Standard Ultima Masonry Support System to make up the “mews houses” part of the project, this assisting with speed of build.

The 2 main blocks of Strand East R1 comprised of a variation of stepping and recessed welded Masonry Support Systems, which had to be designed especially by our Technical Services Team to bypass and not interrupt the GRC panel restraints at window heads and on the entire ground floor. We worked very closely alongside the Main Contractor (Henry Construction), Architect (Waugh Thistleton Architects) and Structural Engineers (Brydenwood) with regular site meetings to coordinate the bespoke Masonry Support Systems with the stonework/GRC, to aid in a more efficient and easier installation. Our designers also visited the stone manufacturing process to ensure the Wincro design was fully compatible and incorporated into the end product.

Here are a few photos taken by our Technical Services Team on site back in February this year during one of the site visits when the project was near completion…

Strand East R1
Strand East R1
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