Wincro WPA Windposts



WPA WindpostOur WPA Windposts are ideal for use in buildings subjected to high wind loads and for reduced cavity applications.

The main windpost leg is built into the inner leaf of the blockwork and tied using one-piece, two way ties.

These allow vertical movement of the structure without internal cracking.

In situations where you need to incorporate a vertical movement joint, we recommend the use of plainend, two way ties with debonding sleeves.

wpa header 2

WPA Windposts are available in a variety of different section sizes and thicknesses to suit loading requirements and different block thicknesses.

Ideal for use where smaller cavities restrict the use of channel section (WPC type) windposts, it is worth noting that your selected section size should ensure that the return leg does not impede the outer skin.

Tie slot holes are provided at 225mm vertical centres to both windpost legs to suit coursing and supplied windpost ties.

On-site Adjustment

Wincro top cleats are supplied loose with all relevant fixings, which give a vertical adjustment range of +/- 20mm to allow for site tolerances and vertical movement.

Fixing to Concrete


Fixing to Steelwork


windpost 1 windpost 2

Various solutions are available for fixing to concrete framed structures including the use of T Head bolts into cast-in channels, site drilled expansion bolts or the use of resin anchor products.

To aid installation where cast-in channels are used parallel to the slab edge, serrated slotted holes perpendicular to the edge are provided with serrated washers and necessary fixing bolts.

Various solutions are available for fixing to steel framed structures including the use of Xylan coated setscrews or Wincro RHS Blindbolts, together with isolation patches.

To ensure ease of installation when using setscrews, horizontal slotted holes should be incorporated into the steelwork, parallel to the structural fixing position. Isolation patches should always be used.


Fixing to Timber


Base Fixing


windpost 3 windpost 4

Various solutions are available for fixing to timber beams/wall plates and joists including the use of coachscrews or threaded studs with plate washers.

Wincro's Technical Design team will be pleased to discuss this connection type, including the need for additional blocking, on receipt of your details.

The majority of base plates fix to concrete foundations or slabs using site drilled expansion boltsor resin fixings.


However,windpost base plates can be adapted to fix to any structural floor edge using the above mentioned or alternative Wincro specified products.

Stainless Steel

All Wincro windposts are manufactured from high quality grade 1.4301 (304) stainless steel to ensure durability and long life. Our windposts can also be manufactured from grade 1.4401(316) stainless steel for corrosive environments and galvanised mild steel for internal use.

Design Service

Occasionally, exacting information for Windposts is not specified and our Technical Design Team are available to assist with the correct selection and specification following receipt of some basic information or drawings. Our windpost design sheet (available to download here) will assist with this process, together with the wind loading information for the building.

Design drawings can be provided and our assistance ranges from simple guidance to a fully computerised design service with advice on the appropriate use of windposts or special designs. For more information or to discuss your current project, please contact our Technical Design Team on 0114 242 2171.

Click here to download a typical detail drawing of our WPA Windposts.

Production Expertise

Wincro products are designed and manufactured to exacting standards with industry leading leadtimes. They comply with, and in many cases exceed, all relevant standards and codes of practice. Years of experience allied to modern developments have led to Wincro manufacturing its products using some of the most advanced machinery in the industry.

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