Wall Ties



Wincro have developed an extensive range of stainless steel wall ties and restraint fixings to comply with all relevant standards which meet the vital requirements for the stability of masonry designs.

All Wincro ties are made from high quality 1.4301 (304) stainless steel which should be suitable for most building applications. For more corrosive environments, Grade 1.4401 (316) is also available.

Range of Wall Ties

Standard Strip Ties - Wincro’s range of standard and special ties can be used in many applications such as masonry-to-masonry, masonry-to-concrete and masonry-to-steelwork.


Wincro Cavity Wire Ties - The Wincro range of cavity wire wall ties are suitable for dwellings up to 3 storeys.

Wincro Cavity Wall Ties

Movement Ties - This tie restrains masonry against lateral wind loads while at the same time allowing for expansion and contraction. Movement ties use the Wincro WDS plastic debonding sleeve.

movement ties

Wincro Frame Cramps - A full range of standard and bespoke cramps to suit cavities from 10mm upwards.

Wincro Frame Cramps

Universal Column Ties - The UC tie is a time-saving solution for tying masonry to steelwork and eliminates the need for on-site drilling or shot-firing.

Universal Column Ties

Fast Track Tie System - Typically used where the inner leaf is built before the outer leaf and particularly useful with irregular coursing between inner and outer leaves.

Wincro Fast Track Tie System

Two Part Tie - The innovative answer to larger cavity situations.

wt2pt 2015

Channel Ties - Construction time is reduced and on-site drilling rendered unnecessary by the range of ties for use with cast-in channels. Ties are available in a wide variety of sizes and ends to suit bonded and debonded joints.

channel tie 1

Sliding Brick Anchors - These restraint fixings provide a mechanical tie between masonry cladding panels and the building frame where a movement joint is used. Available with a variety of head and stem configurations to suit all construction details.

AAsliding brick anchors

Stone Fixing Ties & Cramps - When selecting ties for restraining stone cladding, reference should be made to the appropriate Standard – and, of course, to the help available from Wincro’s Technical Design Team.

stone fixing ties and restraints

Masonry Reinforcement - Provides additional strength to masonry cladding panels and strengthens the leaves of cavity walls.

masonry reinforcement ties and restraints

Remedial Wall Ties - Providing an economic repair solution where traditional cavity wall ties have failed, Wincro provides a complete range of expanding mechanical and resin-fixed remedial wall ties.

remedial ties



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