Wincro Sliding Anchors




Sliding brick anchors are lateral restraint fixings that provide a mechanical tie between masonry cladding and the structural frame where a movement joint is used.


The anchor allows movement between the masonry and frame structure as well as improving resistance to wind loadings.


Depending on construction detail, the anchor fixes to the face or soffit of the structure and fits within the cavity. One way or two way ties are supplied that can slide up and down to account for vertical movement. A minimum of two number ties are always required per anchor and should be spaced at least 150mm apart.



Wincro’s standard range of sliding brick anchors are available with nine different head varieties, a standard 350mm stem length and will resist wind loads of up to 1.5kN. If required, longer stems can be provided.


Standard heads utilise a 12mm diameter-fixing hole for M10 bolts. Special holes can be made to produce a bespoke product where required.

sliding brick anchors diensions

sliding brick anchors diensions 2

sliding brick anchors diensions 3

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