Brick Slip Soffit Systems



LBS-WSC Header Assembly Render HiRes

Wincro LBS Brick Slip Soffit System

Wincro LBS prefabricated brick slip units provide a simple, time saving solution for incorporating soffit brickwork details to the full range of Wincro Masonry Support Systems.

LBS is a lightweight brick slip faced prefabricated stainless steel tray unit that is manufactured off-site and supplied complete with resin fixed brick slips produced from the clients same batch of bricks ensuring a perfect match is achieved.

Considerably lighter than traditional brick slip precast concrete products, Wincro LBS can be quickly and easily mechanically fixed on site to any Wincro support system, thus reducing installation times significantly.

Wincro LBS is manufactured in stainless steel 1.4301 (304) and is fully adjustable to provide easy, onsite adjustment.

System benefits

  • Considerably lighter than traditional methods

  • Significant saving on labour costs

  • Save time and money

  • Flawless joint to existing brickwork

  • Full stainless steel construction

  • Fits seamlessly with Wincro Masonry Support

  • Designed and fabricated to suit any brick soffit or feature detail

LBS-Double Hanger Top Ang View Long HRes Render

LBS-WSC Bottom Slip Explode 4 Render Brick Slips
The following are typical LBS slip solutions, however we design and manufacture each individual products to suit the requirements of the project.
  • Header bond
  • Rowlock bond
  • Soldier bond
  • Stretcher bond
  • Bolt ups / Specials
Please feel free to contact our technical services team to discuss your exact detail further.
Drawings supplied on order for approval prior to manufacture.

Specification Details/Ordering

The following is an example of a WSC LBS Brick Slip Soffit Support System specification.


All are designed to suit the masonry height to be supported, the cavity width and structural fixing position.

WSC(cavity) / (masonry height) / (fixing type) / LBS

Example: WSC100/4.0/T/LBS

Wincro WSC system in grade 1.4301 (304) stainless steel. System designed to suit
100mm cavity and 4m high 102mm thick masonry. Fixed to concrete with Wincro WBT T
Head Bolts.

LBS Brick Slip Soffit unit c/w fixings. Manufactured off- site and delivered complete with
bonded bricks (from your free issue supply) - Size and Bond pattern to suit project

Wincro Masonry Support Systems should be specified to suit. Click here for more information.


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