Individual/Special Brackets




WSP Individual Bracket System


Wincro WSP Individual Bracket Systems provide greater design options for supporting brickwork or stonework, and are particularly suited to curved on plan masonry or special corbelled brickwork.

The system utilises a thin support angle complete with welded bracket incorporating the Wincro serrated slot and adjustment washer.

All WSP Individual brackets are designed to suit your exacting requirements. Our Technical Design Team will calculate the most cost-effective bracket to suit the cavity width, masonry load and structural detail.



Various solutions are available for fixing to concrete framed structures including the use of T Head bolts into cast-in channels, site drilled expansion bolts or the use of resin anchor products.

WSP brackets can also be fixed to structural steelwork using Xylan coated setscrews and isolators to fixing plates within UB steelwork beams, or Wincro RHS Blindbolts and isolators when fixing to rolled hollow sections.

Brackets are usually designed at 225mm centres for supporting brickwork and 450mm centres for blockwork.



WSP individual brackets can be used to support soldier courses from above and would be fixed at 225mm centres. Brackets include a tie hanger system and stitching rods to support the three bricks between the brackets.

Systems can also be supplied to suit stone cladding with lips, welded or loose dowel pins and are generally at the vertical joint between adjoining stones. Reference should be made to BS8298:1994 Code of practice for the design and installation of natural stone cladding and lining. Please consult our Technical Design Team for further information.

The following detail demonstrates the use of continuous WSC Bracket Angle system to straight runs, complimented with WSP Individual bracket supports to curved masonry.


masonry support edit

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