Heavy Duty Channels



Wincro WC40 and WC49 are heavy duty profile channels which are normally used with T Head bolts.


Both channels have a significantly higher safe working load than our standard channels.


Both systems are supplied complete with wavy tail lugs, nail holes and polystyrene infill to prevent the ingress of concrete. They can also be supplied plain backed with holes for surface fixing.


WC40 and WC49 channels are mainly used in conjunction with Wincro masonry support systems.



heavy duty channels



T Head Bolts


Wincro stock a wide range of T Head bolts, plate washers and nuts to suit all the Wincro range of channels. The standard bolt sizes for each channel are shown in the appropriate table. Non-standard sizes are available on request.


Wincro T Head bolts can be inserted anywhere along the length of the channel and locked into place by rotating the head through 90o . When ordering the Wincro range of T Head bolts, quote the diameter and length required. The Wincro range of T Head bolts are manufactured from Grade A2 (304) stainless steel. Grade A4 (316) are available on request.



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